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The word is out - this is THE most inspiring

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INTERVIEW - Friday the 23rd 

5 pm EST/4 pm CST/2 pm PST

Rev. Shawn Whittington's Ministry Live

Don't miss this inspirational speaker and author 

on the subject of his popular book, "God's Road

to Manson & Me." 



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(Barnes and Noble Review) "I originally bought this book and planned on reading it, and then passing it on to my sister. However that isn't going to happen now! LOL I was so intrigued with the book that I found myself highlighting it, and making many side notes in regards to things that I needed to Continually remind myself of!

This book was SO relatable to my life in the aspect of trials and tribulations! The author beautifully paints a picture of how we always need to look toward God!! For He is not only our Father, Savior and friend, but our strength as well. God is no respector of persons! For nothing shall be impossible with God. WOWWW


(Books-A-Million review) "COULDN'T put it down! Wow amazing how it captivated my attention from the first few pages! God Bless the Author of this book for being so transparent and real about so many taboo issues dealing with life struggles! This book will inspire and bless anyone who picks it up. Make sure you allow yourself time, because you'll hate to put it down. I'll be waiting for the movie." 

(Amazon review) Excellent Read! Whether you consider yourself a person of "Faith" or just someone struggling thru everyday life, this book is a must read! It will expose you the power of "Faith". Faith in yourself and not succumbing to the darker forces in your life or mind or "Faith" in the Lord and his divine guidance and promise."

(Good Reads Review) "Jones is a compelling author with a story that will move you. I believe that Rick Jones’ book GOD’S ROAD to Manson and Me is a must-read and I highly recommend it."

God bless the readers of this inspiring book! 

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*Book signing in May in Bakersfield, CA to be announced* 


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March 17, 2021 Talking Story Power Hour 

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"God's Road to Manson & Me"
by Rick Jones...
most life-changing and relevant book of 2021! 
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God hears you!

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Luke 1:37

"For nothing shall be IMPOSSIBLE with God."

In his popular newly-released book, "GOD'S ROAD To Manson and Me," retired Correctional Officer Rick Jones, and Trilogy/TBN's newest author, shares how he found strength in the Lord through life's struggles and victories.  However, it was an encounter with one of America's most hated criminals, Charles Manson, that broadened Rick's understanding of God's forgiveness. This inspirational autobiography is relatable to all readers and offers a faith-based message of redemption that is much needed.

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